Forest Products Warehousing

IFPTA — A global network of industry professionals

The International Forest Products Transport Association (IFPTA) was officially formed in October of 1982 by John Kalish and Bob Herbert. However, the roots of the Association date back to the first PPI Symposium, which took place in Rotterdam in 1974. Learn more about the history of IFPTA.

Today, IFPTA delivers unparalleled networking opportunities with senior level forest products logistics professionals from around the world. Our members are involved in virtually every segment of the transportation of forest products, such as marine transporters, port and terminal operators, stevedores, rail carriers, freight forwarders, trucking, and manufacturers of material handling equipment. 

An IFPTA membership will allow you to build your own network of industry professionals from within the many segments of the forest products supply chain — connections that will enable you to improve the efficiency of your operation. Learn more about the Benefits of Membership.


IFPTA’s Officers and Directors, collectively, have over 200 years of experience in the forest products logistics industry. They are committed leaders in the industry and carry a wealth of knowledge and longevity.

Who are IFPTA’s members?

Members of IFPTA represent over 160 companies and organizations who the world relies on to deliver forest products from their source of origin to their final destination.