Euroports Mantsinen Harbour Crane - Port of Pietarsaari

Euroports Commissions Mantsinen 200 Hydraulic Harbour Crane at the Port of Pietarsaari

Jan. 12, 2021 - In mid-December, Euroports commissioned its new Mantsinen 200 hydraulic harbour crane at the Port of Pietarsaari. The major export port mainly handles pulp, sawn timber, coal, and industrial raw materials.

The new crane is a nearly 2 million euro investment.

With the new crane, Euroports will be able to load and unload ships and increase performance figures in all cargo types.

“In terms of production efficiency, we are talking about an increase of more than 10%, as the loading capacity will increase by at least 25%,” says Operations Director Pauli Rautiainen.

The crawler crane is equipped with long booms and a high undercarriage and was assembled in the port area in the second week of December. It was commissioned for production use in week 51.

In practice, the increase in loading capacity means that with the new crane, Euroports will be able to handle four packages of sawn goods at once instead of the current three. Similarly, the four packages of pulp that Euroports can handle now will become six.

The Mantsinen 200 was equipped with a variety of accessories to suit all cargo needs, Euroports noted.

Euroports explained that the crane is used to handle bulk and general cargo, and therefore acquired a fully automated six-unit lifting device for handling pulp, a four-unit lifting device for handling sawn goods, and buckets for handling bulk and pulpwood.

The nearly two-million-euro crane investment is important for Euroports Pietarsaari’s operations. With the new crane, the port will also be able to meet the needs of larger ships calling at the port.

“Our turnover is approximately 7 million euros, so this is a major investment that will take our operations forward. The investment reflects the Group’s confidence in the current and future profitability of the Pietarsaari unit,” says Rautiainen.

Euroports said that it has received a lot of positive feedback from customers about this investment. The crane is equipped with a HybriLift system, which delivers financial savings and reduces emissions. Rautiainen emphasises that environmental friendliness is an important aspect of the port operator’s day-to-day operations.

The device charges its pressure accumulators whenever the boom is lowered, which helps reduce the load on the engine. Compared to traditional models, Euroports aims to decrease energy consumption by up to 35%.

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