Rauma Sawmill

Euroports Rauma Oy Handles Terminal Operations for Metsä Fibre’s New Sawmill

Oct. 20, 2022 - Metsä Fibre on Sept. 30 started production at its new sawmill in Rauma, Finland. The new sawmill has an annual capacity of 750,000 cubic metres of pine sawn timber, and the annual use of pine logs sourced in Finland is around 1.5 million cubic metres. The sawn timber produced in Rauma is sold mainly to Europe and Asia.

The sawmill’s location enables smooth logistics to transport the sawn timber to customers through the Port of Rauma. The new sawmill does not have its own warehouses. Instead, finished sawn timber is packaged and automatically loaded onto lorries, which transport it directly to the port.

Euroports Rauma Oy is responsible for the sawmill’s terminal operations. The total annual volume of the Rauma sawmill will nearly double the timber volume processed by Euroports Rauma, making the company the second largest timber operator in Finland.

“The close corporate cooperation behind the Rauma sawmill helps ensure that the wood value chain is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient,” says Sari De Meulder, Managing Director of Euroports Finland Oy.

Euroports Rauma has recently invested in the processing of timber.

Tuomas Saarnilahti, Business Unit Manager of Euroports Rauma, explains, “We use modern containerisation equipment, as well as forklifts designed for timber processing. We have also purchased a new hybrid crane that can be operated entirely on electricity. In combustion engines, we use biodiesel as fuel.”

Euroports Finland Oy’s companies are committed to mitigating negative environmental effects and establishing a safe and healthy working environment.

“Safe movement and passage were key factors in the design of the timber terminal, and we are investing in the constant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions produced by fossil fuels and the minimisation of environmental effects caused by our operations,” concludes Tuomas.

SOURCE: Euroports and Metsä Fibre