G2 Ocean - MyG2

G2 Ocean Launching New Online Platform, MyG2, to Help Customers Improve Logistics Management

Dec. 2, 2020 - G2 Ocean announced that it is launching a new web-based platform for its customers; MyG2. The platform gives customers full visibility and access to live data and information related to various business activities, including:

  • Live Schedules
  • Shipment- and vessel Tracking
  • Dashboard with Performance Data

“MyG2 opens the door to a new world of opportunities for our customers and marks a major step towards improving customer service,” said Project Manager Camilla Naumann-Berg.

“We hope this easy to use platform will foster collaboration, improve efficiency and give customers relevant business insights to help them stay ahead of their competition,” she added.

New features to be added

As part of a frequent upgrade strategy, new features and functionality such as a booking of shipments will be added during 2021. Other updates include:

  • Booking of shipments
  • Extended dashboard functionality, including individual greenhouse gas emission reports
  • Integration of Bill of Lading Issuing Process

To learn more about G2 Ocean’s MyG2 platform, visit: www.g2ocean.com.

SOURCE: G2 Ocean