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Katoen Natie 1227 Antwerp; Multipurpose Terminal Delivers Reliable, Cost-Efficient Solutions

March 2024 - Requirements to forest product logistics are becoming more and more intense. On one hand, customers become more demanding, on the other, distance between production and consumption locations becomes longer. This means that distribution becomes more global and more complex, whilst environmental and economical pressure is increasing. This means that the market is constantly looking for more cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions. In order to answer to the signals, demands and requests we have decided to diversify and become the well-known partner for the forest industry as we were before.

Katoen Natie 1227 Antwerp is a multipurpose terminal, for handling containers, breakbulk, ro/ro project cargo and forest products. With full-capability handling equipment and plenty of storage capacity (covered and uncovered). The excellent location of this terminal can easily be reached form the River Scheldt by passing one single lock. The key benefit of this location is that there are two locks to choose from, safeguarding passage at all times.

Dockside equipment:

  • 3 Liebherr cranes 1x LHM 550 and 2x LHM600
  • 4 reachstackers
  • 2 Empty container handler
  • 12 forklifts capacity between 25T up to 34T
  • 14 forklifts between 16 up to 18T
  • 20 forklifts between 3 up to 7T
  • 3 terminal tractors 4x4
  • Variety of mafi trailers carriage capacity up to 100T

Other details:

  • Quay: Length 1300m; Depth 13.75 meters
  • Total area: 175 ha including 85.000 m2 covered storage
  • Container yard: 7 ha
  • Barge shuttle: every weekday, some Saturdays (on demand)
  • Rail shuttle: on request
  • Extras: IMO, Fumigation Area, 70 reefer plugs, OOG option, etc.
  • Multi-modal: Rail, water and road connections

Transport plays a crucial role in any supply chain. In order to guarantee inbound and outbound transport to and from our logistics terminals, we provide reliable transport services with our own fleet.

Our transport experts and technical specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their objectives are simple: to provide safe, efficient and sustainable delivery of goods and to increase customer satisfaction.

In order to guarantee optimal goods transport, we deploy various intermodal modes of transport, depending on the type of goods, the final destination and the specific requirements of our customers. This might even be a combination of road, rail and water transport.

Our Benelux-based fleet as over 500 trucks and 1250 trailers, the particular speciality is short (0-250 km) and medium-distance (250-500) full truckloads within Europe.

A barge company with 2 vessels which have fix timeslots on each container terminal in Antwerp. Each terminal has rail access and within reach of. We can mobilize significant transport capacity in a very short timeframe. For long-distance transports and less than full truckloads, Katoen Natie relies on trusted subcontractors.

Katoen Natie - AntwerpOur customs service department can arrange all requested customs documentation, all of which to be completed and submitted in line with local regulations. Besides being a specialist in customs, we also take care of all VAT-procedures for our customers.

Software is the driving force behind the efficient systems that manage and optimize the product flows. Every product flow has its own method of handling. Every customer has their own system for handling logistics. Katoen Natie develops the software itself to guide product flows as efficiently as possible and to do so on the basis of the product characteristics and customer requirements.

The programs improve efficiency and avoid errors and unnecessary expenses. In collaboration with the customer, a direct link can be made with the customer’s IT network.

Katoen Natie has built logistics platforms in all parts of the world. They are the bridgehead on which the business is founded. At these platforms, semi-industrial services are delivered. The platforms can be large or small, central, or local. They are built specifically for one customer or serve as a multi-customer hub. The same hands-on mentality applies everywhere, with the same values, philosophy and culture, and the same high level of quality.

Our people deliver cost-efficient, reliable, sustainable solutions for added value in your supply chain. As an asset driven family company, it is the owner globally of more than 5.000.000m² of warehouse capacity and 160+ platforms. With our in-house engineering department, we design, build, own and operate. Investments in our assets are based upon thorough in-house knowledge and resources. This, together with our short decision lines, offers great flexibility and enables us to improve our services at a fast pace.

Katoen Natie - AntwerpFounded in 1854, we are proud to show our vast proven track record and like to consider us as the logistics service provider for handling, storing wood pulp, paper and plywood. We handle all paper products in both reels and pallets, as well as paper-grade wood pulp, dissolving pulp, fluff pulp, sawn timber, and panel products such as plywood, particle board, chip board, medium-density fiberboard, and oriented strand board.

Committed to the highest Quality Standards, the prevention of personal accidents, loss and material damage, as well as to the protection of health and environment. Preventive and protective care with respect to Katoen Natie employees, employees of Katoen Natie clients, subcontractors and the general public are considered by the group Katoen Natie as a prime responsibility.

Interested in finding out more, reach out through: [email protected]

SOURCE: Katoen Natie