Klabin - Port of Paranaguá

Klabin Officially Inaugurates Port Terminal in Paranaguá

March 24, 2023– Klabin on March 22 made official the start of operations at the Klabin Port Terminal (PAR-01), located on the wharf commercial center at the Port of Paranaguá, in Paraná, Brazil.

With the capacity to receive one million tons of pulp and paper per year, the Terminal is part of the investment package in logistics made by the company in Paraná in recent years. With the operation, the unloading of short and long fiber pulp, fluff pulp and paper, from the Puma Units, located in Ortigueira (PR), and from the Monte Alegre Unit, in Telêmaco Borba (PR), can be carried out within the Port of Paranaguá.

With a structure that covers an area of ​​27,530 m², leased by Klabin for 25 years, in an auction held in August 2019, the new operation also brings productivity and competitiveness to Klabin in breakbulk, a mode of maritime cargo transport without the use of containers, which ships large volumes directly inside the ships, allowing customers to be served on a large scale and with operational excellence.

In terms of sustainability, the location of the new terminal has a direct rail connection to the Klabin factory in Ortigueira (PR), allowing for a reduction in truck traffic, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and benefits road traffic from Paranaguá. In addition, the terminal will have solar panels that will produce around 270 MWh/year, making the site's energy generation more sustainable and reinforcing Klabin's commitment to its ESG agenda.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by state authorities, such as the governor of Paraná, Ratinho Junior, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Logistics, Fernando Furiatti, the CEO of APPA (Administration of the Ports of Paranaguá and Antonina), Luiz Fernando Garcia da Silva, in addition to the National Secretary of Ports and Waterway Transport, Fabrizio Pierdomenico.

On the occasion, members of Klabin's board reinforced the importance of the Terminal as part of the Company's business strategy.

“The Port of Paranaguá is one of the most important in Brazil, in addition to being the main transport route for Klabin's production in the State. The new terminal will bring operational efficiency to the Company, guaranteeing high levels of logistics productivity in addition to intensifying the development of the logistics infrastructure in Brazil,” Klabin said.

With the operation, Klabin consolidates its logistics strategy in the State of Paraná, bringing even more competitiveness, flexibility and sustainability to its operations, in addition to being prepared for future expansions. In 2021, the company invested BRL 300 million in the Ortigueira Container Terminal, operated in partnership with Brado Logística and the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP). The project has the capacity to store 2,000 containers and has doubled the Company's container outflow capacity in Paraná.

SOURCE: Klabin