Port of Antwerp - Certified Pick up

Port of Antwerp to Launch Certified Pick up for Containers in Jan. 2021

Nov. 18, 2020 - The digital, secure and integrated solution called ‘Certified Pick up’ will soon replace the existing system of PIN codes for the release of containers in the Port of Antwerp. The new digital container release process is due to launch in January 2021. In the first phase, CPu will provide transparency about the status of your container. The PIN code system will then be phased out and replaced with a digital container release process.

Currently, you need a unique PIN code to collect a container from one of the port terminals. The PIN code is passed between various parties, from the shipping company to the truck driver, which is time-consuming and increases the risk of misuse. Certified Pick up makes the import process more secure, transparent and efficient.

NxtPort will provide the neutral data platform in the port of Antwerp. The first phase of CPu will start in January. By connecting to the CPu platform, all parties in the import chain will be able to view a container's status at different times, enabling the various players in the chain to carry out their work more efficiently. The transition period gives shipping companies, terminals and stakeholders sufficient time to prepare for the next phase, the new Certified Pick up system.

In the next phase, the various chain partners will switch to a new processing method. The existing process with PIN codes will be phased out and replaced with a digital process, which only allows a container to be collected on the basis of a digital right and its identity.

SOURCE: Port of Antwerp