Port of Tarragona Railway

Port of Tarragona Resumes Railway Service of Paper Pulp with Salamanca

The service will be weekly and will move convoys of 22 wagons and will be coordinated with ADIF and Renfe Mercancias

Jan. 7, 2021 - The Port of Tarragona resumes the weekly railway service of paper pulp with Salamanca. This operation has started operating again this first week of 2021 and is coordinated by the operations service of the Tarragona Port Authority and ADIF. In the first service 12 wagons have been moved and in the following the number will increase to 22.

This service, which was interrupted during 2020, will be carried out in two parts given the length and total weight of the convoy. In this way, it will leave the Port of Tarragona in two separate parts that will join outside the Tarragona port facilities to go together towards Salamanca.

Of the 22 wagons that will consist of each convoy sent from the Port of Tarragona to Salamanca, 18 will be loaded directly from the ships at the terminal that Euroports has in the Cantabrian wharf, while the remaining 4 will be loaded on another route from the same pier, due to its large dimensions.

The railway operation will last less than a week, between the arrival of the empty wagons and their loading and shipment. On Thursday the convoy will come and from Monday the loading operation of the goods themselves will take place. Finally, on Wednesday, all the wagons loaded with paper pulp will leave for Salamanca.

The railway operator in charge of the operations will be Renfe Mercancías in coordination with the operations service of the Port of Tarragona and ADIF.

A Transport of the Future, a Sustainable Means

The commitment of the Port of Tarragona is clear for intermodality in order to optimize the logistics chain and be able to offer a better service to its customers, both from an economic point of view and in terms of sustainability.

The port is a leader in the Mediterranean and is consolidated as one of the ports of entry and exit of goods in Europe. It maintains line with sixty countries through regular shipping lines that it has established with ports around the world. The port is the gateway to Tarragona in the world.

The Port's internal railway network serves all the operating docks. From east to west, there are three branches that connect the internal network of the Port with the ADIF network.

At the port facilities, in 2018, 1,423,483 tons were moved by rail. In total, 4,089 trains and 62,677 wagons circulated through the facilities of the Port of Tarragona.

SOURCE: Port of Tarragona