In November of 2022, AGL inaugurated a 30,000 square meter warehouse located less than 250 meters away from the new Port Khalifa South Quay.

Alexander Global Logistics Opens New Country Office in United Arab Emirates

Sept. 9, 2023 - Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) in August opened a new country office in Dubai South, United Arab Emirates.

The establishment of the new country office coincides with a 10-year Strategic Partnership Agreement signed by AGL and AD Ports Group in May of 2022. According to the agreement, the two parties would collaborate to form and launch a transshipment hub in Abu Dhabi dedicated to handling pulp and paper products.

At the time of the signing of the agreement, Carsten Hellmers, CEO of AGL, said, “We are very excited about this project, as we have the strongest belief that the combination of expertise and knowledge of the industry brought into this Strategic Partnership Agreement by Alexander Global Logistics plus the unique location, abilities and resources provided by AD Ports Group will soon allow the pulp and paper industry to have a world-class terminal to serve customers in the Abu Dhabi hinterland and reach other destinations taking full advantage of the hub.”

Saif Al Mazrouei, CEO of Ports Cluster, AD Ports Group, added, “[The agreement] marks a key milestone in Khalifa Port’s ongoing development to support the UAE’s industrialisation efforts, and is also the first step in what we see as Abu Dhabi’s transformation into a regional leader for pulp and paper products.”

In November of 2022, AGL inaugurated a 30,000 square meter warehouse located less than 250 meters away from the new Port Khalifa South Quay.

AGL noted that Khalifa Port is a vital link connecting East and West trade, especially to fast growing markets such as India, Pakistan, and Turkey.

SOURCE:  Alexander Global Logistics GmbH


GPA, CSX rail facility

Georgia Ports Authority, CSX Offer New ‘Carolina Connector’ Service

Sept. 7, 2023 – North Carolina importers and exporters can now tap into a faster supply chain through a direct rail connection between the Port of Savannah and Rocky Mount, North Carolina via the CSX Carolina Connector (CCX) Intermodal terminal.

“This is an exciting logistics solution for existing and new customers across North Carolina,” said Georgia Ports Authority President and CEO Griff Lynch. “In collaboration with CSX, we’re offering daily access and faster service, bringing world-class port services to the doorstep of the area’s business and industry.”

The Georgia Ports Authority and CSX have teamed to provide 7-day-a-week rail departures between GPA’s Mason Mega Rail Terminal in Savannah and the Eastern North Carolina location, offering customers three-day ship-to-shore transit time.

“CSX is proud to be a part of this transformative partnership, which embodies our commitment to foster growth, connect markets and propel economic progress for the region,” said Kevin Boone, CSX Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The integration of GPA’s On-Dock Rail and the Inland Port at CCX signifies a leap forward in providing efficient, sustainable, and dynamic rail-to-truck inland port container service for our customers.”

CCX is located on an efficient, high-speed, high-capacity mainline rail route. Cargo departing the Port of Savannah is available to customers on the third day after leaving Garden City Terminal.

Faster Service

On-dock rail service expedites container handling. GPA’s Mason Mega Rail features 85 acres and 24 miles of on-terminal track, making it the largest intermodal facility on a port in the Americas with capacity to grow future cargo volumes.


Ample space at CCX, combined with longer-term storage options at the Port of Savannah’s new Garden City Terminal West yard will afford exporters greater scheduling flexibility.

“The GCT West yard allows importers to store retail goods or manufacturing components until they are needed, without the need to pay demurrage,” said GPA Vice President of Sales and Marketing Flavio Batista. “Similarly, exporters will be able to pre-stage their cargo on-terminal to await vessel loading.”

In Rocky Mount, CSX customers that have gate access via QR code can pick up or drop off containers on chassis seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to midnight. CSX customers that need a container lifted on or off a chassis will have access 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


CCX provides convenient, easy access to I-95 and features three wide-span, zero-emission electric cranes with a lift capacity of 110,000 containers per year. In addition to its remotely-operated electric cranes, CCX maximizes safe and efficient truck movement through the facility with CSX’s X-Gate technology, which automates the in-gate process, streamlines traffic flows and automatically inspects loads leaving the facility.

The new, state-of-the-art facility is built with security in mind, featuring berms, fences and cameras to ensure cargo security.

SOURCE: Georgia Ports Authority


On August 10, the new quay and new electrical stowing equipment of the port operator Kemi Shipping were tested when cargo vessel Launkaline was moored on the new quay.

Port of Kemi Expansion Project Enters Finishing and Testing Phases

Aug. 30, 2023 - Started in the spring 2021, the biggest expansion in the history of the Port of Kemi in Finland has moved ahead to finishing and testing phases.

According to the Port, expansion work has advanced as planned and finishing work as well as testing is now underway in the expansion area.

“At the moment, an inspection of the safe clearance depth is ongoing in the dock area according to the specifications of the Finnis Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.” said Jari Heikkilä, Technical Manager at Port of Kemi. “The inspection will be finished by the end of August, after which Traficom will give the green light for the new waterway.

“The expansion project has affected the entire port. For example, we have upgraded the ICT infrastructure and built new fresh water and sewage systems. Also, the quay numbers in Ajos have changed during the project,” Heikkilä said.

Port of Ajos is located approximately 10 km southwest from the city of Kemi in an island called Ajos. Among others, containers, forest industry products as well as various bulk products such as raw wood, papers fillers and scrap iron are shipped through it.

On August 10, the new quay and new electrical stowing equipment of the port operator Kemi Shipping were tested when cargo vessel Launkaline was moored on the new quay. The vessel visit was successful and it provided a valuable experience.

“Once we get the Traficom’s approval for the new waterway, much larger vessels can visit Port of Kemi,” Heikkilä added.

SOURCE: Port of Kemi


Super Post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes

Port of Savannah Receives Four New Electric Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Aug. 25, 2023 - The Port of Savannah received four Super Post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes Thursday, Aug. 24, upgrading the crane fleet to 34 machines at Garden City Terminal after four older cranes are retired and recycled.

“Along with the completion of our project to improve Berth 1, these cranes will help deliver faster turn times to our ocean carrier customers, including the largest vessels calling on the U.S. East Coast,” said Griff Lynch, Georgia Ports Authority president and CEO. “No other terminal in the nation can bring more cranes to bear, or match the efficiency, productivity and global connectivity of the Port of Savannah.”

Designed by Konecranes of Finland, the all-electric cranes arrived on the vessel BigLift Barentsz.

Two of the cranes will be 295 feet tall and two will be 306 feet tall at the highest point when fully assembled. The reach of the cranes will be 22 and 24 containers wide, respectively. The taller cranes will be offloaded at Berth 1 at Garden City Terminal, the others will be installed on the upriver end of the terminal, at Berth 9.

Ship-to-shore cranes are the workhorses of container port operations, unloading and loading cargo from the container ships that call on the port.

GPA received a previous batch of four cranes in February to work the recently renovated Berth 1, which is now capable of serving vessels with a capacity of 16,000+ twenty-foot equivalent container units. The cranes and improved dock increase Garden City Terminal berth productivity by 25 percent or 1.5 million TEUs of annual capacity.

The new equipment is part of GPA’s $1.9 billion infrastructure improvement plan to keep pace with future supply chain needs.

“The ratio of GPA’s economic impact equates to roughly one job per nine TEUs moved,” said Stacy Watson, director of economic and industrial development at GPA. “By expanding our annual capacity by 3 million TEUs over the next three years, GPA is also increasing its job-supporting capability by more than 300,000 jobs for Georgians.”


APM Terminals Brazil

APM Terminals Pledges EUR 962 Million Investment in Brazilian Terminals by 2026

May 12, 2023 - As part of a Dutch trade delegation to Brazil this week, APM Terminals’ CEO Keith Svendsen pledged a EUR 962 million (R$ 5.2 billion) investment in its Brazilian operations up to 2026.

This figure includes a EUR 296 million (R$ 1.6 billion) of a total EUR 483 (R$ 2.6 billion) investment exclusively for the Phase One development of a new terminal in Suape. The terminal, located in Estaleiro Atlântico Sul, is in the final stages of acquisition and will rejuvenate infrastructure and increase competition in the port.

APM Terminals has committed an additional EUR 666 (R$ 3.6 billion) of investment to the company’s four other terminals and inland depots, by 2026. A large share of this, around EUR285 million, is allocated to Brasil Terminal Portuário, Santos.

The company, which plans to multiply storage capacity fivefold at its inland container depots in the Northeast and Southeast of the country, will prioritise early renovation of its terminal in the Port of Santos, Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP). BTP is operated in partnership with Terminal Investment Limited (TIL), a subsidiary of the MSC group).

Concession Extension

APM Terminals is negotiating with the federal government to extend its concession agreement, which expires in 2027, for another 20 years. In exchange, APM Terminals would modernise and double the current 1.5 million TEU capacity of the terminal, which is currently operating at close to full capacity (92%).

An initial investment of at least EUR 285 million (R$ 1.54 billion) up to 2026, could realistically reach EUR 408 million (R$ 2.2 billion) over the next five years due to ongoing improvements. As well as expanding BTP, APM Terminals and TIL expressed joint interest in a new container terminal at the Port of Santos, STS 10, located in an area adjacent to its existing terminal. The new government, however, has not yet defined the future of the project, which has been put on hold for reassessment.

Under the previous government, the tender was subject to controversy, as other port operators expressed concern over the dominance of Maersk and MSC, the parent companies of APM Terminals and TIL respectively. Responding to this, APM Terminals’ CEO Keith Svendsen said that experience in other countries shows that the concern is unfounded.

Doubling Capacity

With BTP operating at 92% capacity — and an 80% capacity generally seen as the maximum for optimal efficiency, Svendsen stated: “Our primary focus is increasing capacity and modernisation. There is now an urgent need for investment in the Port of Santos, both to ensure the deepening of the access channel, which will allow the entry of new, larger, and more efficient ships, and to expand capacity of the port complex, which is close to the limit.”

Zero Emission Goals

Any investments in the terminal will also be an opportunity to uniquely position the terminal with low or zero-emission container handling, something which is increasingly being demanded by customers. APM terminals has committed to Net Zero Greenhouse Emissions by 2040 and a 70% reduction in absolute (total) emissions as an interim milestone for the period 2020-2030 for its commercially controlled terminals. This will involve investment in the electrification of equipment, purchase or generation of renewable energy and optimisation.

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