SCA Tilbury

SCA Logistics Opens Its New Terminal at Port of Tilbury in UK

Jan. 31, 2022 - SCA Logistics announced that on January 22 it opened a new port terminal in the Port of Tilbury in Essex, UK. This coincides with the closure of SCA’s terminal in the Port of Sheerness (UK).

The objective of the move is more efficient distribution, SCA said.

SCA explained that the process of integrating SCA’s digital information flow with the Port of Tilbury has been ongoing for some time and mid-January a SCA RoRo vessel leaving from Sweden could make its first call at the port.

“While moving a complex operation from one location to another is a challenge, we managed to be ready in time and according to plan,” said Steve Harley, former managing director of SCA Logistics’ UK terminal.

Tilbury is not unknown territory for SCA Logistics, which first established a terminal at the Port of Tilbury in 1967. The operation moved to Sheerness in 2015, further downstream on the Thames and closer to the North Sea, only to return to Tilbury seven years later.

According to Steve Harley, the additional 20 nauticalRev and the lock that must be navigated to reach Tilbury are compensated for by the shorter distances by land to customers and improved access by road.

“Tilbury is significantly closer to the M25, which is the main artery connecting England’s motorway network,” he explained. “There is also space for collaboration with new customers.”