Segezha Group Starts Construction of New Container Terminal in Lesosibirsk, Russia

Segezha GroupJune 24, 2020 - Segezha Group, a producer of sack paper, lumber and wood pellets for fuel, announced that construction of a new container terminal at the Lesosibirsky LDK No.1 JSC (Segezha Group, part of Sistema PJSFC) has started. The aim of this project is to provide on-time transportation for the increasing volumes of pellet fuels that are produced by KsyloTech-Syberia LLC.

The construction will be completed by September 2020. The total investment in this project is around 9.8 million.

The project implies concreting of the container terminal site for the storage and shipment of containers with finished products and the laying of service tracks with improved track capacity and carrying capacity of up to 95 tons. This will allow monthly pellet shipments to be increased to five container trains and downtime while handling to be decreased.

Currently, there are only three container trains with eco-fuel that are shipped on a monthly basis from Lesosibirsk, Russia to the Baltic ports for further transportation to Denmark and other European countries.

According to Project Manager Evgeniy Verevkin, all works will be done by in-house manpower without any sub-contracting.

“All necessary materials have been purchased, framework and butt joints have been prepared to make sure the project is running non-stop,” Verevkin explained. “Now, we have already started the phased pouring of steel fiber concrete, which we produce by ourselves at our own ready-mix station.

“At that, passway and site pavement meets the requirements of all the construction norms and regulations and national industry-wide standards applicable to these types of work,” he added.

Segezha Group ranks 1st in Russia (52% of the market) and 2nd in Europe (16.3% of the market) for the production of paper bags, and 1st in Russia (71% of the market) and 4th in the world for the production of high-quality unbleached sack paper. In addition, the company produces large-format birch plywood and sawn timber, along with fiber-based fuel such as pellets. To learn more, please visit:

SOURCE: Segezha Group