Spliethoff Increases the Frequency of Its Cleveland Europe Express

Sept. 13, 2021 - Spliethoff is increasing the frequency of its Cleveland Europe Express (CEE) service by adding container vessel Peyton Lynn C to the service, in response to the high demand for tonnage between Europe and the Great Lakes. This vessel, owned by Doornekamp Shipping Services, will be taken on long term charter by Spliethoff, sailing in a regular schedule between the ports of Antwerp (Belgium), Picton, Ontario (Canada) and Cleveland, Ohio (USA).

The CEE service has been offering twice-monthly quick-transit all-water sailings between Europe and various Great Lakes ports for many years, catering to a broad range of consumers and industries.

Until now, the service has run mainly with Spliethoff-owned versatile multi-purpose tweendecker vessels, able to carry a variety of cargo types. By adding container vessel Peyton Lynn C, the CEE is expanding its capacity to transport exclusively containers to/from Picton, Cleveland, and Antwerp.

M.v. Peyton Lynn C loaded in Antwerp on Aug. 23 for her maiden voyage in the CEE service. Once loaded, the vessel headed to Doornekamp’s terminal in Picton to discharge cargo, continuing to Cleveland for discharge and loading before subsequently heading back to Antwerp. Transit time is just 12 days to Picton and 15 days to Cleveland.

Spliethoff said, “We are very pleased with this cooperation with Doornekamp Shipping and are looking for further expansion of our services in time. This extra ‘pure container vessel’ is just another step in building the Great Lakes trade!”

SOURCE: Spliethoff