Verbrugge Scaldia Terminal

Verbrugge International Discharges Pulp Bales from G2 Vessel at Scaldia Terminal

May 8, 2024 - Verbrugge International was pleased to welcome and discharge the MAITACA ARROW from G2 Ocean at the Verbrugge Scaldia Terminal in Vlissingen/Flushing, in the southwestern Netherlands, this week.

The vessel was loaded with approximately 65,000 tonnes of wood pulp out of South America.

Located in the port of Vlissingen, Verbrugge Scaldia Terminal handles wood pulp, agri bulk, wood pellets, paper, metals, steel, concentrates, high and heavy project cargo and offshore wind projects.

With a deep draft, multiple shore cranes and extended warehouse capacity close to the quay, Verbrugge Terminals is able to work safe, efficient and smooth.

SOURCE: Verbrugge International