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Wagenborg and SCA Renew Shipping Contract for Wood, Pulp and Paper to US East Coast and Mediterranean

Jan. 28, 2021 - After a tender process, Wagenborg Shipping and SCA have signed a contract for shipping services, regarding sea traffic volumes of wood, pulp and paper from the Baltic to the U.S. East Coast and multiple destinations in the Mediterranean.

Wagonborg noted that this contract is a renewal of an existing contract.

According to Wagenborg, the company’s geared A-type and T-type vessels will continue the Trans-Atlantic paper trade and the gearless vessels up to 14.000 dwt will service the trade to southern Europe and North Africa.

“The challenge of transporting SCA’s forestry-based cargoes is largely in the massive volumes and the amount of space required,” explained Bengt Meuller, Managing Director for Wagenborg Shipping in Sweden. “Our extensive fleet is therefore an excellent match.

“SCA is a great fit for our future and the aim is to continue our collaboration for a long time to come,” Mueller added.

SOURCE: Wagenborg Shipping